Get more out of your workouts with Hybrids

Get more out of your workouts with Hybrids

Are you looking to burn some extra calories or break through a plateau in the gym. You lift weights, you do cardio, but you want to find a way to squeeze out just a little more. Have you ever considered doing hybrid exercises? Probably not.


Simply put, these are exercises that combine movements, often for different body parts. These allow you to shorten your workout by combining body parts, burn more calories, or make you more athletic. When used properly, all of these outcomes can happen in the same workout. Here are a couple hybrid exercises you can include during your very next workout. It’s best to combine exercise with the right crazy bulk supplements to maximize the results.

  1. Deadlift/shrug/toe raise: Hold a pair of dumbbells at your side. Squat down, drive through your heels, keep your back straight, and stand back up. Just as your legs start to straighten, rise up on your toes and shrug your shoulders. Be sure to keep your shoulders back so your arms are right against your sides. Keep your head straight, looking forward. Muscles worked: glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, low back, upper back, trapezius, forearms.
  2. Push press: hold a pair of dumbbells or a barbell just above your shoulders. Drop down into a quarter squat, keeping the glutes back, back straight, head up, heels on ground. Explosively stand back up driving through the heels, simultaneously pushing the dumbbells or barbell overhead. Lower the weight slowly and repeat. For a more advanced move, drop into a full squat and perform the same way. Muscles worked: glutes, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, triceps.

Each of the exercises listed above include the legs. This is because just about every movement in life includes the legs, plus you burn more calories.

Keep the core tight. Stand up straight, suck the belly button in to the spine and hold it there.

Use lighter weights than you think. Get used to the movement and make sure you can control the movement before using heavier weights.

There are plenty of other hybrid exercises you can perform. Find out more here:

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